Want The Recipe To A Happy Healthy Life? Here Are 6 Ways!

How to live a happy, healthy life is something all of us want to know. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a healthy, happy life for as long as possible? There are many ways to do this, and they’re incredibly easy. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to learn how to live a happy life. Just by being a good person, doing good things, and having a positive attitude, you’ll find that your life is much richer and fuller. To see what I mean, keep reading for some great tips from the inspiring women of my #LETSCHAT series on how to live a happy life.

Leah Renee of @AskLeahRenee

…Sunshine and surrounding yourself with those you love and love you back.

Natalie Stanton of @LiveTourFit

Keep Moving! Don’t get bored, don’t get stagnant. Make some goals and stick to them, stop making excuses for why you can’t! Depression and anxiety will creep in when you don’t have anything to work for. So pick some stuff and work hard!

Paola Marquez of @PaosFitWorld

…self-love all the way! You have to love yourself first to find true happiness.

Jessica Kwock of @TheForeverFeminist

Balance! I work hard, play hard, and eat hard. I try to keep a good balance between all three. But, if I go off the deep end with the eat or play hard pieces, I try to be kind to myself and try again!

Ana Alarcón of @AnaGoesFit

Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh a little bit and choose food wisely.

Melissa Chalmers of @MelissaChalmers

You are what you hang around. Minus the bullshit and insert the good stuff. Hang around good vibes!

Oh, heyyy… this is me. Your girl, Val!

My recipe to happy, healthy life is to not sweat the small stuff, and to embrace your imperfections. Once you do this, everything falls into place and comes full circle.

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